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Miracle Gro Potting Mix vs. Shulz Moisture Plus Potting Mix- Update

I have anxiously been waiting this summer to reach the conclusion of my experiment. So far the results have been fairly good with loads of green tomatoes developing on my plants, but I have ran into a few difficulties that have made me consider calling an end to the experiment.

First of all, if you recall my previous post you will notice that the topsy turvys were filled to the top with soil (see the picture of the super fantastic tomato). I have had some major settling issues which is what I am going to blame for my other problems. Would it be fair to continue the experiment when not all of the soil is what I started out trying to test?

This summer has been averaging hotter than normal temperatures so there have been days I have looked out the window and have noticed that the leaves are beginning to look droopy and wilted. With the lesser amount of soil to hold the water the plants have needed on those hot days, has that affected the quality of my tomatoes?

The soil settlement also made me wonder if there are sufficient nutrients in the soil for the tomato plants as well. Many of my early formed tomatoes have ended up with blossom end rot. Is this because of lack of moisture, lack of nutrients, or inability to absorb the calcium they needed from the soil? To attempt to remedy this problem I have been adding a teaspoon of epsom salts to my gallon watering can and I've watered each of the tomato plants with 1/3 of this solution. I haven't noticed any new tomatoes developing this problem, but only time will tell if it has actually worked.

I do not like to have to water the tomatoes so often either, so I have been considering filling up the tops of the planters with a mixture of other soils that I have on hand for another project. I could buy more bags of the expensive stuff, but since I have this on hand it seems to be a much more economical choice. Since each container seems to have settled about the same amount, would it be fair to add this to each planter and continue the experiment?

So, my questions above need to be answered by others who are unbiased. Do you think it is fair if I continue on with the experiment with the ideas listed above? If not, do you have other suggestions to offer me?

Thank you for stopping by to chat with me. Please leave me a message, I'd love to hear your thoughts! Cindy
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