Do NOT Copy

Do NOT Copy

It Makes No Sense

Ten years ago both my husband and I worked full time. We owned a house and had 2 kids, owned two cars and lived in a nice house in the suburbs. He worked an average of 50.61 hours per week and both of us had a 15 minute commute. We made $11,000 less per year then than we do now, but we lived a better quality of life. We had money to enroll our children in activities (well, okay it was daycare but I also had to buy diapers so that counts, right?), we didn't feel the strain of not being able to pay our bills, we had a healthy savings account, retirement account, and owed more money on our house than we owe on the one we are living in now.

Fast forward to today, I am not working. Hubby works an average of 57.05 hours per week. Our savings has been depleted by various events in our lives, we have more bills than we ever have, we never do anything or go anywhere that doesn't involve our son and his school sports, I make tons of our own cleaning and health products, grow and can lots of our food, and home decor items, and people feel they can take advantage of us and tell me what they think I can afford to do. No one seems to think I know what I'm talking about when I tell them about our circumstances, they look at me like I'm an alien life form or that I am talking gibberish. They think they know my finances better than I do? WTH?

Has inflation really increased so much? What is wrong with this picture? Now when I mention any difficulty to anyone they tell me all I need to do is get a job. Should I really have to? What is wrong with everyone? They are saying that I am the problem? Ugh! It drives me absolutely mad!!!

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