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Caring for a Minor Burn or Scrape

I was working in the kitchen one day last week, and got splashed and burned.  Who doesn't get injured occasionally by their kitchen foods and/or appliance anyway?  I am trying to be less reliant on buying stuff from pharmaceutical companies and trying to learn how to make my own treatments for minor things I would normally buy OTC, so I made my own relief oil.  I would also like to make an ointment in much the same way, but I wanted something I could just mix up quick and use right away.

Well, the back rub oil I have been making for my husband's back works great (I'll write about that another time), so I decided to make some for my burn in the same manner.

I used about an ounce of olive oil maybe, added a little bit of vitamin E oil (because it's moisturizing and good for the skin).  To that I added some essential oils, which will be abbreviated eo from here on out.  5 drops lavender eo (for burn healing and calming), 5 drops geranium eo (for it's wound healing properties), 5 drops of frankincense eo (for both wound healing and as scent fixative), and 2 drops tea tree oil (to act as antibacterial).   Mix well and apply liberally as needed.  I just touch my finger to the oil after shaking the closed bottle and rub it gently on the affected areas.

I'll keep you posted how it worked, but I wanted to keep track of the recipe I used too so I can make it again.

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8/17 Update:  The treatment worked great, but the oil left a scaly layer behind unless it is rubbed throughly into the skin.  I may try rubbing alcohol as my base next time since burns don't like being touched and massaged too much.  I treated only the facial wounds and left the others only using aloe and the burns on the face are already completely healed with no trace of burn left while the arm and chest spots are still evident.

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Syl said...

Be careful putting oil on a burn - if you don't cool the burn first, the oil could trap in the heat, making it worse. The best first aid for a burn is to immediately run the burnt area under cold water or apply ice or a cold compress. It can take 15-20 minutes to completely stop the burning in deeper skin layers.

When the area has been completely cooled, apply a clean dressing to keep out germs.