Do NOT Copy

Do NOT Copy

Big Changes!

Sorry I haven't been around for a LONG time, but we have had some very major things happening in our lives lately.  I'll do some future posts about some of it.  For now, I want to talk about the place we call home, as most of us spend a majority of our time there. 

We ended up moving a couple of years ago and I have been struggling to make our new house into a home for us since then; to gain my life balance and harmony back.  Funny, but I'm not even sure when I lost them.  Sometimes it takes falling down lower than the lowest low you can possibly imagine to find the way back to your life's path.  You know when you get so wrapped up in following a trail you don't even realize that you took a wrong turn?  Yup, that's me. 

While living in the last home, we came to the realization that we wanted to homestead.  Not just the gardens and canning that we had started to do there, but the freedom of choosing what to do on your own land when you want to do it.  Where we were became kind of stifling for me.  So many rules about what you can and can't do!  There were restrictions on paint colors, what you could consider pets, how many pets, how many vehicles, what kind of fence you could put in, what size shed you could build, what the pitch of the roof had to be...  I mean, yeah it was a nice house, nice location, nice neighbors, but I began to feel trapped.

I truly appreciate life and all that it takes to create a home.  Living in disharmony is hard, and not something I am willing to do anymore.  I'm not talking about the people (though that can be a cause for disharmony in some homes!), but the circumstances of life that make everything come crashing down.  Losing a job, losing your health, losing mobility, having too many demands that stretch you way too thin.  Stop the madness!  It's time to try to create harmony instead of just being the nice guy everyone takes advantage of.  Sometimes the harmony in your home can be fixed right where you are, unfortunately ours couldn't.  So, even though we knew we would probably take a loss since we bought at the height of the market, we sold our once dream home and prepared for a new adventure.

If your home contributes to health issues, it's time to leave!  I'm talking about directly, right now.  Do not pass go, do not collect $200 now!  These health issues can be from the stress of not being able to afford the house, to the leaky roof contributing to mold that you are allergic to, not having the money to fix the things that are wrong with your house, having neighbors who created a junkyard after you moved in, living next to a toxic waste dump, to any other variety of things.  If your home is making you or your family members unhealthy, it is time to leave now.  Claim harmony again in your home.

I am working on claiming my harmony back for my life.  I love our new home even though no one else could see the potential in it.  It's affordable and has all of the requirements for becoming everything we ever wanted.  Gardens take time, kitchens take time, but I'm slowly regaining the equilibrium I lost.  Things are now more in tune than they have been in a long time and I am going to continue fighting to bring that sweet and perfect harmony back into our lives.

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