Do NOT Copy

Do NOT Copy

Don't do business with Green Lawn Underground Sprinklers!

Green Lawn Underground Sprinklers have turned me in to collections! Okay, so I wasn't using the name of the sprinkler company since I was hopeful we'd get something worked out. Naive, but still hopeful.

I was just asking them to help with 1/2 of the costs of replacing the flooring that their company's system damaged. I don't feel that I was being unreasonable at all, I think that they SHOULD have paid for it all.

I got the response from BBB. In it and they said they turned in me in to a collections company for not paying bills (2 of which I never even got until last month when I went home to do repairs, the 3rd I told them I would pay the amount quoted at the time work was done as soon as they resolved my flooring issue). Now I am coming to realize that they are just going to be complete jerks and they will try to ruin my credit because I don't want to pay a bill for work I am not satisfied with. So, I guess they want me to pay them for them ruining my floors AND they want me to pay for services that were supposed to be free if I still wasn't able to sell my house because of the flooring issue. Well, guess what folks! House didn't sell. BTW, does it usually take 3 months for a company to bill you for services received???

I'm SO frustrated. If you live in MN or ND, DO NOT hire Green Lawn Underground Sprinklers! They are a company out to make as much money as possible and refuse to return phone calls or customer concerns. They changed my file to add things that they never even did and are basically blaming ME for all of the problems. I'm sure you're not suprised as I have already mentioned this issue before, but I am VERY annoyed that they would turn me in to collections when it's THEM who are unwilling to work with me!!!!!

Please save your friends the headache and hassle of dealing with this company! Spread the word.
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