Do NOT Copy

Do NOT Copy


Here I am with work scheduled for tomorrow and I am coming down with some icky bug. Peanut has been sick the last two days, I guess it's my turn now??? YUCK! TBO was so dissappointed that I had to cancel Tuesday. He was finally going to be dropped off AND picked up from school. Poor kid! You should have heard him complain about how the best day ever was ruined. Hmm, don't know about that....

Cheesehead had what I am getting too though and it only lasted a few hours. I'm going to bank on that and see what tonight and the morning brings before I decide what to do. I already had to cancel working once this week and I don't want to have to do it again. Do you know how hard it is to find a sub for a sub? I mean, I can't be sick AGAIN already. I was just sick last week!!!!

I had to bring in MIL's truck that Cheesehead was using in today. Heater stopped working. Money $$$ flying out the window! You can't really get by without a heater in these parts this time of year!

Cheesehead and his friend (well, mostly his friend) got carpet installed in the two bedrooms today. Looks great. This weekend he's tackling the ceilings and I am in charge of polying (is that a word? Well, if not it is now!) the trim and doors. Can't wait until it's all done.

Peanut got a new game for her birthday. We've been having fun playing it the last few days. It's Harvest Moon Magical Melody. Peanut, TBO, and I all have our own files. I'm "winning" so far, but I guess I'm a bit more experienced in life so I would expect that. I already have 21 notes and 4 musical instruments. (Don't feel bad if you have no clue what that means, the game's a bit confusing esp. at first since it's so different from some of the other games they've had.) I own 2 properties, 3 animals, and 5 chickens. I think it's a good game for learning to prioritize, save, do math, and form a plan. It's fairly educational and I think it helps to reinforce the value of hard work and saving you money for the important things. If my kids are going to be glued to a video game for an hour I guess I'd prefer it to be a game like that.

Is it possible to be too sick to take a bath? I suppose it's my fault for giving in this morning and having Peanut stay home again even though she didn't "seem" sick. I made that mistake before and sent her anyway with disastrous consequences! It wouldn't work out too great if I would have had to go pick her up today because she was throwing up or something. She threw a huge fit this morning for 1/2 an hour about how her tummy hurt, so I decided to believe her. She even took naps whenever I told her to. Come 11 o'clock though she sure wasn't acting very sick! Now she's too sick to bathe? Hmm, go play your drama act to someone else I'm not buying it!
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