Do NOT Copy

Do NOT Copy

Peanut's birthday

It's my youngest child's birthday today. I'm still feeling a bit under the weather today, but I did manage to paint the last bedroom. Peanut helped. She painted lions on the walls. It was a perfect color for it!

Too bad I had to paint over them, they were very cute! I did take a picture before I painted it. Later we are going to Pizza Hut for dinner. That's where she wants to go for her birthday dinner. I feel bad not having a party for her on her special day and all, but I don't have any money AND Cheesehead is working today. We're meeting when he gets off of work. Is is terrible that I am making her wait until her dad gets home to open her presents?

She helped me make her cake earlier too. I suppose that's a bit cheesy, but she really likes to help bake. It's cooling off right now. We'll have to frost it before we head to town tonight. After dinner we'll come home and have some cake and icecream.

I'm trying to make today a fun day. Right now we are watching Pokemon 2000 with the kids. Not really my kind of movie, but I guess I'll survive as long as I have some distractions to help me pass the time!
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