Do NOT Copy

Do NOT Copy

Spring's excruciatingly slow progress...

While I was out picking Peanut up from the bus stop after school yesterday I saw some things that seemed like they'd be interesting pictures. She looked at me like I was crazy, but then again that's nothing new! I had to use my new toy now, didn't I? My other camera wouldn't even turn on when I replaced the batteries. I just couldn't get it to work. I was SO annoyed! So, I bought the new one. Apparently I forgot to set the time/date stamp before I took these pictures.

The whole expanse of the road is completely flooded with a lake sized puddle that seems to grow bigger every day. My daughter is getting afraid to even cross the edge of the puddle to get to the bus!

After some coaxing and hand holding, I finally got her to cross. Then of course, she wanted to go back onto it for me to take more pictures. Silly bean!

Pine cones are constantly falling off of trees. This one fell onto some soft, melting snow and made a large hole surrounding it.

I don't know if you can really tell, but this picture shows a pine bough sunk into the snow and covered with water.

As I passed it this morning in it's frozen over state, I breifly thought about running back to get the camera. I decided against it though, since I didn't want peanut to miss the bus.

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