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Deer resistant plants for sun/part sun

I am looking for some plants that the deer won't bother for the sunnier areas of my yard. These are some plants I'm considering. All are deer resistant and can tolerate the extreme cold winters that we see here.

Coneflowers are great flowers. They are a nice splash of color and add some nice height to the garden.

Holly hocks are another great plant for height in the garden. They come in a great variety of colors as well. They also come in doubles.

Maximillian sunflowers look so bright and cheery. I love the bright yellow color!

I love lilacs! They are very fragrent and come in a variety of colors. The purples, pinks, and white aren't the only varieties available. They also come in yellows and bi-colors. I had never seen a lilac quite like the sensation lilac that I had in my other garden. It is a traditional lilac color, but the edges are white. Unfortunately all of my research has found them to be hearty to only zone 4, while the rest of them seem to be good plants through zone 3. I'm looking into weather or not it's a typo on the one lilac variety, I sure hope it is! They're GORGEOUS!

MMM. Who can resist the sweet alluring fragrence of the peony? While they are short lived flowers, they are a great addition to any garden.

Daylilies add a wonderful splash of color to the garden as well. I like the colors in this one. Who could resist it's dainty charms?

Beautiful delphiniums also add a wonderful color variety to the garden.

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