Do NOT Copy

Do NOT Copy

Extreme makeover- garden edition

This post will need to be done in several installments. I have done much hard work so far to get out new yard ready for some great new plants.

Our yard is pretty shaded, acidic, and used to be mostly sand with many gigantic rocks scattered throughout.

Before we started, I raked as many leaves and pine needles out of the yard as possible. I wanted to start a compost pile in my yard and there was plently of material to get myself a good start!

We imported a very large truckload of dirt last summer. I never took pictures of the pile, I'll just have to say it was very large. It took the kids and I most of the summer to distribute it over our lawn once we removed the largest rocks. I have several piles of rocks buried under the blanket of snow, I'll take some pictures of them in a few weeks. We had to do most of the work on our own since Cheesehead works 60+ hours a week and rarely has much energy to help with this physical work.

After we hauled the dirt, we had a bunch of other work to do as well. First, I used a hoe to level the dirt as much as possible. Next, we used a roto tiller to mix the good dirt in with the sandy soil below. We had many more rocks to pick up once that step was complete, so we gathered as many of those as possible.

Once we had completed all of that work, we found a pallet sitting in our yard. We a hooked it up to the lawn mower with some bungee straps so we could make sure the low spots were filled in. It flew around a bit much, so we decided to add some extra weight. Peanut was just a bit light to get the job done so we had to bring in the big guns after a while. That's what most of these pictures are showing.

Notice the barren condition of the land. This is about two years after the home was built, so it's not like there just wasn't a chance for the grass to grow!

There is a line of trees at the edge of our lawn, this is the front corner near our driveway.

This is near the house at the top of the driveway. We have done some landscaping up near the house and driveway, you can see it in the background of this picture.

Peanut had fun hitching a ride, but she wasn't heavy enough to get the dirt pulled into all of the low spots.

Cheesehead has black hair, handsome, isn't he? The other man is BIL.

After we got the low spots filled in we put down lime, tilled it in, evened it out again, seeded and fertilized it, then rolled it down so the seed wouldn't wash away. WHEW!

In the next installment I will be sharing some progress we had made before the first frost last fall.

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