Do NOT Copy

Do NOT Copy


Finally! Look who's come out of hiding. Finally, a sign that the end of this endless winter is almost over. Now, if I didn't have so much snow on the rest of my yard....

I don't cut back my plants in the fall like I'm "supposed" to, I like to be able to see where plants should be growing in the spring!

Here is a link to the post I did in February
Remember that cat cat statue that I told you about? Well, this is what it looks like when it's not covered by a blanket of snow!

Here is the angel bird feeder. She was almost completely buried too, I think you could see her arm before.... She's almost unthawed too. Poor thing! I bet she wishes she had some shoes to keep her bare feet a bit warmer.

This is my first "live" looking plant outside so far this year. No blooms yet, but at least it's green! I can't remember what this plant's name was, but I still have the tag around my garage some where!
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