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Do NOT Copy

Deer resistant shade garden idea

I have this great little cement bench that I am thinking about placing in a shade garden. Since we have so many problems with deer eating plants around here, I am researching plants that they tend not to prefer. These are some of the plants I am pondering....

I like the look of the fern leafed bleeding hearts. They have interesting foilage and seem to have a longer bloom time than traditional bleeding hearts.

Hosta are very neat plants. I want to add a variety of colors and textures to my garden with both the foilage and the flowers on my plants. This looks like a nice, bright, cheery color. When choosing hosta I don't generally look at what the blooms end up looking like since they don't bloom long anyway. Their leaves are spectacular though!

Okay, I need to make sure to add that this plant is one that deer like. I'm still leaving the picture here because I'm still pondering getting it for my garden anyway....

Ivy are fun plants that seem to stay green most of the year even in colder climates like mine. I like the shiny gleem these have!

I can't very well have a flower garden without flowers now, can I? I chose these because they have larger flowers than the others and they have a differnt bloom time than the bleeding hearts and lily of the valley.

Can you truly have a shade garden without the bell of the ball? I love the fragrance you get from these plants. While they don't last long they are a very sweet addition to any garden hideaway.

I would also throw in some annuals such as coleus (for the fabulous leaves) and lobelia and impatiens to keep flowers blooming all summer long.
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