Do NOT Copy

Do NOT Copy

DId I ever tell you the story of my house?

Every house has a story. Today being our 12th anniversary got me to thinking. I'd be doing something else if Cheesehead weren't working... but I won't talk about that here!

Anyway... Our house in BL was owned by two couples before us. The first couple built it and owned it for many years. It had the best looking yard in the neighborhood. They owned it from 1994-2000. I'm not sure how long they were married or anything, but the reason they moved? They got divorced.

The second couple owned the house less than one year. (They did find a way to kill off the plush gorgeous lawn and killed 4 perfectly wonderful trees in that small amount of time though) I assume they must have had a troubled marriage before they moved in since the reason they also moved? You guessed it- they got divorced.

The house has been known as the divorce house. The neighbors were speculating as to why we moved. I've still talked to a few of my neighbors. They told me that they were glad we broke the divorce curse that seemed to loom over that house larger than life. Let me tell you, if we can last through this whole having a house on the market and the rest of the mess we've gone through in the last two years I think we're pretty much unsinkable! I don't even feel the need to knock on wood after such a bold statement either.

We had looked at many houses before we got to this one. It was perfect. The house had just come on the market the day we looked at it. We made an offer the next day. We knew it was our dream home! Actually I never thought in a million years that we'd ever WANT to move, but I already told you the details of how we came to the decision to move so I won't bore you again.
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