Do NOT Copy

Do NOT Copy

Silly cats!

I'm sure most of you know we've got two cats. They're missing a few screws though!

A mouse got in the house today, we've got field mice hiding out in the garage. Anyway, Cheesehead saw it run into our bedroom through the master bath. I hurried to gather up the cats so I'd scare the mouse out from under our bed. I brought Sweetie into the bedroom (they're normally not allowed in there since I think I am slightly allergic to them). She hid under the bed. Probably sitting right next to the mouse but it was so darn dark under there I couldn't see a thing. Why do you think I got the cats?

Well, she was useless! So, I started a frantic search for Speedy. She likes to eat sand spiders, so I figured she'd probably be a better bet to help us get the mouse. Was she ANYWHERE to be found? Of course not!

So it was up to Cheesehead and I. What does Cheesehead do but head out to the living room, sit in his recliner and turn on the tv! Good thing I'm not too squemish or that stupid mouse would probably STILL be in our bedroom! Okay, so I guess it's up to ME!

The mouse was under some clothes I had washed and not put away. The pile fell on the floor. I could see a little lump moving along under my daughter's swim suit. I wasn't going to risk loosing the teeny little thing, so I just grabbed to whole pile of clothes and ran to the door. I threw it all out on the floor of the garage. You know what? Cheesehead had the nerve to be annoyed that I didn't kill the stupid thing! At least it wasn't in our house anymore.
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