Do NOT Copy

Do NOT Copy

20 degrees is a far cry from 29!

I was debating if I should bother with covering the plants. I mean, it was supposed to be a couple of degrees below freezing which meant it was entirely possible that it wouldn't actually freeze....

Boy, I sure am glad my kids and I covered my plants with Cheesehead's car washing towels before we went to the Y yesterday. TBO kept commenting on how it felt like we were on Hoth as we were doing our work. Leave it to him to relate anything gardening with Star Wars! Before you start ridiculing me, I was being realistic. There was NO way I would have remembered to cover them at night! True, it was 35 degrees at the time and about 1 in the afternoon but....

Alright I'm a bit eccentric! So far just a skiff of snow too, so that wouldn't be insulating them all that much. So... can I leave the frozen towels over my plants for a couple of days or what's the protocol on that? I mean, I'm not supposed to uncover them if it's cold during the day to, right?

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