Do NOT Copy

Do NOT Copy

Let's hope we get another offer!

I just heard that we have another showing on our house, in about 2 1/2 hours from now. It's the first one in a couple of months. The third one total since I went back and repainted the entire house and staged it. It was a lot of hard work. I hope it ends up paying off!

I took a risk on thinking the bank will agree to a short sale, but I am hopeful. We lowered the price AGAIN. This time it's listed for less than we need, but I am just going to have to have faith that everything will somehow work out for us. My realtor wanted me to list it another $10,000 below what I lowered it to, but I'm just going to see if this price reduction gets us anywhere closer to a sale. I think the banks would be much more likely to agree to this price than what we were offered last time anyway.

I'm hoping that we get an offer, I REALLY want to get that house sold so we can move on with our lives. Could you please help us pray for a miracle? Crossing appendages has also proven to be helpful. Much appreciated!

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