Do NOT Copy

Do NOT Copy


All the snow we still have is depressing me, so I decided to go out and soothe myself with a shopping trip. Look what I found! They were only $1.00 for the small one (I think it's supposed to be some sort of fly?), and $1.19 for the other one (a butterfly whose wings are attatched with springs so they flap in the breeze). Aren't they cute?

Sorry about the "lovely" picture setting, but I was a passenger in the van and I was dying to get a picture of them before it got dark. I tried to put them in the ground when we got home, but the ground is hard as a rock. I guess they'll have to wait a couple of weeks or so.

I'm thinking about trying to make some of these this summer with my kids. Wouldn't it be neat?

This is what I have decided to designate as "the fly".

The butterfly.

There were some really neat silver ones too, but I already have 2 copper ones in my MN shed. My husband laughed at me for my reasoning. I wanted my metals to match. Is that really all that unreasonable?

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