Do NOT Copy

Do NOT Copy

Could you just throw your garbage where it belongs? PLEASE???

Last week for Earth Day we went around town and picked up garbage. All of the kids at school I was substitute teaching at did it. When you look at these pictures, keep that thought in mind. These pictures were taken a day short of one week after the all school cleanup effort.

We couldn't believe our eyes when we saw these nasty beer bottle floating in the water. We reached as many as we could and managed to collect at least 4 large garbage bags full of bottles as well as several small plastic grocery bags.

Okay people, have any of you ever heard of an ashtray? I realize that you are probably partying teenagers who don't want anyone to know you are smoking or drinking beer, but please. Just because you're looking for some fun doesn't mean that the wildlife has to suffer! All of the cigarette butts were picked up, so these have appeared in the last weeks' time. How pitiful is that?

As we were dumping putrid, brownish green water out of the bottles that were bobbing up and down on the water I couldn't help but wonder how we could fail to take care of our earth. I'm not talking about going entirely out of your way or anything for those of you who would be put out by expending extra effort. I'm just talking about recycling glass bottles and throwing garbage away in trash cans. There are many other things I'd LIKE to see done, but is it so wrong to expect a bare minimum?

The fifth graders were working hard to use sticks to bring these bottles to a reachable location. Unfortunately we couldn't get them all. I think I might take my kids and some fishing nets here this summer as a community service project.

Two classes were assigned to this stretch of Harvey Street. There is a bog here (obviously) so it was difficult to get to all of the trash that floated in the water. You would not believe the amount of garbage that we took out of here. Looking at these pictures, it's hard to believe that this has been cleaned recently, isn't it?

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