Do NOT Copy

Do NOT Copy

UGH! I think my arms are going to fall off.

Man, I thought I was never going to finish that awful task! Normally I don't mind doing a little raking, but do you know how hard it is to rake gravel out of grass? No wonder the guy didn't want to bring in his plow the last time he came in. Well, it was my fault for asking him to come in! I'm not sure what was worse: getting stuck in the driveway every day or the excruciating labor it took to pull that gravel off of the grass back over to the driveway where it belongs.
You should see all of the leaves and pine needle now gathered on the driveway now too!

See this pile? It's what's left of my snow pile. Really. It DOES look like a pile of dirt, doesn't it? I think I'll still have some of it left in May. This is the last of it though so I won't complain about it. I was FINALLY able to uncover my plants again. They are growing and greening up nicely.

Our lawn was also covered with leaves. That wasn't really the worst part of lawn work today. At least those parts of the yard didn't have to be raken a million times each! The leaves were pretty heavy though since they were so wet. If we hadn't had so many of them I might have decided to leave them where they laid, but the grass just wasn't greening up in those areas.

Our poor lawn is full of holes too. I think it's from the deer that sauntered through our yard when the soil was still soft. Great, another project I need to do. I just don't think my work will ever end! How do I even fix this? Can I just put dirt in the holes and reseed the lawn? Wait, WHY do I have a lawn again? Oh, right. I have kids who would trample all of my plants if I didn't have a lawn area for them to play in.

The "final" product of all of that raking. See? I did uncover some snow under all that gravel. The rest was frozen into the pile still. Hmm, guess that means still MORE work for me to do. I'd rather tend my flowers. I guess a lawn is needed if I want to be able to preserve my gardens though. SIGH! I miss the good old days when this used to be Cheesehead's job! Can you really tell that much of a difference in this picture? It looks A LOT better when you see it in person.

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