Do NOT Copy

Do NOT Copy

GBBD; Do silk flowers count???

Okay, this is the second one I'll be left out of! Grr. So, just for fun this is what's blooming in my garden! See? Nothing. Still all dried leaves from last year on the poor darlings. On the bright side, at least you can see some of my beds now....

This is the raised bed at the corner of my house by the entry stairs (porch?). It's still mostly covered in snow. The part under the eaves got less snow. I can't even get over to this bed right now, I seem to have misplaced my boots.

We planted this one right up next to the house. Some of my statues have survived the brutal winter! The others are still buried under the snow.

I can't claim 100% fact on the name of this plant, but it appears to be an echinacea? It's a bit hard to tell when they look like this.

Oops, sorry. I don't have time to post my silk flowers, I just got called in to work at the middle school. Oh joy!

I hope you enjoyed the chilly tour.

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