Do NOT Copy

Do NOT Copy

Since you asked Anna....

I told a you that I got called in to work in the middle school today. While I don't mind kids that age, they tend to gang up on me when in packs. I usually tend to be run all over since I'm a bit too nice.

I was really dreading it actually. I had the lady at the day old bread store commiserating with me about it too. I said several prayers about the day going well on my way there and... guess what? They worked.

The day went pretty well, no major blowups or catastrophies to speak of. I was rather impressed. I have to go back again tomorrow in a different class, I'm hoping that goes as well. I even had the band teacher come over and compliment me on the students' behavior today. They ARE fun to talk to. Actually I find all children can be funny and interesting in different ways. The middle schoolers are the most likely to pull attitude with me though, which is the part I dread about teaching those ages. I tell my classes that I will treat them the way that they treat me, sometimes it works and other times, not so much.

Now, if I could just get those home sale prayers answered I'd feel a heck of a lot better!

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