Do NOT Copy

Do NOT Copy

I had to call in the reinforcements!

Since I got stuck in the driveway last week PLUS we got another foot of snow, I decided to call in a snow plow today. I am sure hopeful that we don't get any more snow this year. It's supposed to be 60 later this week so maybe we'll be snow free by next weekend?

There was so much snow it wasn't even funny. I started shovelling some a bit last week, but it was so wet and heavy that my back hurt after just a few minutes of work. Look at that pile!

Luckily we had packed the snow all winter and it was cold today so we had minimal damage to our gravel. See? The snow is barely brown at all.

This shows how much snow we got last night. Is that enough for you? The snow was melting so nicely too!

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