Do NOT Copy

Do NOT Copy

Our four year old puppy

I know that she's really a full grown dog by now, but she still acts so much like a puppy that it's crazy. Angel's a better listener than her sister Beauty is though. Our dog's a bit crazy and likes to jump on people when they first arrives, but she's able to calm down after a few minutes.

Our dogs came pre-named. I know we could have changed the names, but they already knew their names and answered to them so we didn't bother. I know I would have changed Moonbeam's name if we had adopted her though!

When they're outside in the winter it's really very handy to have all of this snow laying around. If you look closely you can see some of the snow she's eating falling out of her mouth. Silly pup. They were even trying to fetch snowballs for us when we were having a snowball fight. You'd think by now they could tell the difference between a real ball and a snowball!

Look at them play. You'd think they were still tiny pups the way they romp around. It's good exercise for them though, so as long as they refrain from this play inside we're okay with it. Playing keeps you young at heart anyway, right?

I just love her "eye brows". They make her look so gosh darn cute, don't they? She was one of 2 favorite puppies at the home we got her from, so she was used to sitting on laps and being inside the house from day one. She's always been a bit spoiled! It took Beauty a while to get acclimated to this type of environment though. They must weigh at least 75 pounds and they think they're lap dogs. Angel did adjust when FIL became ill though so now she mostly sits on the floor nearby people to get her petting.

She is my daughter's constant companion, following her around and watching her like a hawk. Peanut really loves her animals! Angel tried coming home with us last time we went to MIL's. That would have been fine with the kids, but MIL and BIL looked like they lost their best friend when they saw her sitting in the van. She wouldn't even get out for a treat. Cheesehead had to drag her out and bring her inside so she wouldn't chase us down the road. Why is she at MIL's house? Good question. It's kind of a long story though....

Just look at her patiently waiting for Peanut to be done swinging. She's a gentle loving dog who brings comfort to the hurt, lost, and lonely.

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