Do NOT Copy

Do NOT Copy

What a yummy way to treat ourselves!

Wednesdays and Fridays are fish fry nights up here in the northwoods. We love to go to Minoqua to eat the best fry I've ever eaten at our favorite restaurant Tula's. There are two plant nurserys up there that I'm dying to go to, but they close so early. I'm planning on going to them on Cheesehead's day off next week.

I thought I took a picture of my dinner, but apparently I got a snapspot of the table instead. Cheesehead gave me a distaining look when I took out the camera so I tried to make sure that no one was looking as I took the shot. I must have moved the camera when I looked around. Oh well. I guess you'll have to take my word for it.

We came in and sat at the usual table. We vary our routine so little that "our" waitress brings us our drinks without even asking us what we are going to drink. TBO shocked her by ordering a different meal too. She even knows not to send tartar sauce for anyone and to substitute something else for the coleslaw. I guess that means we eat there a little too often, huh?

When we got home we found that one of the cats threw up in her room. It must have been traumatic for her, poor thing. She was sobbing so hard it was hard to believe that something didn't happen to her. We got it cleaned up, but apparently she doesn't like the look of wet carpet and insists it is stained??? She's sleeping in the guest room tonight. It should be dried out by tomorrow. How can a child who insists on such extreme cleanliness when it comes to dirt keep such a messy room with toys strewn all over the place? I just don't get it!

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