Do NOT Copy

Do NOT Copy

Busy Day!

Whew! It was a sunny day today and reached into the mid 60's. A perfect day to get some work done outside!

First the kids and I cleaned the garage. The progress is slow, but sure. At this rate I may actually get it done in the next month or so even if we can't get a shed.

Once the garage was done we gathered sticks and rocks from the yard. Of course there are still many more to clooect, but I feel like we knocked a pretty good dent into the amount left for us to finish.

I didn't get pictures of all of the work we did today, but I did manage to take a picture of the yard after I filled in the holes with black dirt. Sorry Kathy, I didn't take any plaster prints of them before doing this. Once I filled in the holes, I spread lime over the yard again, watered it in and also spread seed. It's supposed to rain the next few days. I sure hope it does, I could use some free water to help my lawn come in better!

There were quite a few more holes in the yard than I bothered photographing before, but look at all of that black dirt. The dark spots are the fill I added. This was just the worst spot in the yard too. I'm surprised that I didn't get a sunburn today!

After all of that work I decided to take it easy and seach for more wildflowers. I was well rewarded! These are the flowers currently blooming. I also saw several more that had buds on them too, so I should be able to find a few more soon.

Here's the yellow one we saw the other day (um, I think...). There are several more blooms on it now. I also cleared it so we could see the leaf shapes better. I'm not very good at looking up plants on the internet, but that's okay.

These are tiny, a very pale pink too. I almost missed them. Don't my fingers look huge compared to them?

I also found some wild strawberries growing.

I also have no clue what these are. They are about 2 feet tall or so and the blooms are smaller than the one pictured above with my fingers. I'm sure most people would probably consider this a weed, but it looks so bright and cheerful.
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