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Mystery tree

We're completely stumped. I even asked our neighbor at the bus stop this morning. He didn't know either. I've been looking at trees since I last posted my wonderful wildflowers post. Now the buds are opened completely, I ran outside to take some more pictures.

As far as we've noticed this tree doesn't produce any fruit. As you can see, it has five petals. The blooms do look like a flowering crab. It seems similar to a crab apple tree. But it's the bark that stumps us.

I took this somewhat out of focus shot. I wouldn't have included it, but it shows the shape of the leaf so I included it anyway. If you look above in the petal picture you can see that the edges of the leaf are serrated.

Here's the bark. I've never seen anything but birch with striping like that. Our neighbor hasn't either.

It may end up being a tree, but it seems to grow in a bush like habit. I cut the lower limbs off of the largest tree in our back yard and shaped it like a tree. So far I'd estimate it's about 7 or 8 feet tall, but it still seems to be getting taller. The trunk is the size of a tree that you would buy from a nursery for at least $50 or more. If I had to guess how big around the trunk is, I would say around 2 or 3 inches. I'm not all that great at guessing correct estimates though unless I have some sort of measuring device.

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