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Memorial Day flowers

This is the first Memorial Day since FIL passed away. We headed to the cemetary last weekend and laid the flowers then. We all wanted to be able to be there and Cheesehead had to work all weekend this weekend.

TBO and Peanut laid the flowers somberly. Peanut even brought a few live flowers from home to lay on the grave site.

MIL and Peanut set out a wonderful display while the "boys" looked on with great interest. Or... not.

There were lots of flowers. FIL always brought flowers to the cemetary every year. Being a vetran it was important to remember Memorial Day. We tried to recognize both the army part AND the flower lover. Maybe we went a bit heavy with the red, white and blue theme?

Peanut decided that she didn't want to leave the purple tulip on the soil, so she stuck it into one of the displays.

As you can see, it wasn't freshly picked. We had brought it into the house a few days before we headed to the cemetary. If you look you can see the holes Speedy put in the petals before we moved the poor think into my bathroom to protect it from the plant eating cats. I personally would have brought it right into the bathroom, but I let the kids be in charge of this small task. Oh well, I'm sure FIL didn't mind. It's the though that counts, right?

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