Do NOT Copy

Do NOT Copy

Cake, anyone?

We made this cake a while ago, but I'm just now getting around to talking about it. It was too neat of a story not to share with you!

Cheesehead and his friends at work cooked up a plan to help one of their coworkers to celebrate his 60th birthday. They arranged for 60 different people to each bring in a cake to help make his birthday extra memorable. Some were brought in right away when he started working, still others were coming in when we came in when Cheesehead was finished with work. The man of the day invited us up to have a piece of cake, so of course the children were more than happy to oblidge!

I sure wish I had a picture of all of the cakes that were brought in, but a couple of reasons that didn't happen.

First, all of the cakes were brought in at different times. They weren't all in the store at the same time. By the time the last of the cakes were brought in, some of the first cakes had already been devoured.

Second, cameras are not allowed where they work, so we wouldn't have been able to do it anyway. There were some really neat looking cakes there too. It's been a couple of weeks since the event, but I distinctly remember an adorable cake in the shape of a cowboy hat. There were several others as well. I think there was a cake of every kind there! It was quite a sight to behold. I can only imagine how overwhelmed I would have felt if that had been me!

So, without further ado...

We made a yellow cake with white frosting. Of course it was straight from a box mix and a canned frosting. I'd really like to be more into the homemade stuff, but I had to make this during a long stretch of working every day. I just didn't have the energy to do it this time around.

Silly me, I let the kids be in charge of decorating it. They knew that Cheesehead didn't like sprinkles so only 1/2 of the cake was covered with sprinkles. As you can see, they weren't too light handed with the sprinkles either. Sure hope people enjoy a few sprinkles to go with their cake! I just had to take a picture of it before it was hauled off for the festivities. We had SO many different kinds of sprinkles, of course the kids had to use some of each on the cake (even though there are turkeys, ghosts, black cats, and Christmas wreaths thrown in there) It's a bit, umm... eclectic?

Oh well, it's the thought that counts right?

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