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Take a walk with me

Melanie from Old Country Gardens asked us to take a long view of our yard and garden. Won't you take a walk with me as we view our yard? Sorry zoom lens, no use for you today!

This is a picture of our yard as you're walking down the road toward our house. It gets to be pretty well screened from the road as the season progresses with all of the brush and ferns that fill in the lower area of the woods. There are many lovely wildflowers growing along the tree line, although being wildflowers they are hidden from view since they are so small.

Looking up our driveway, the lawn looks beautiful. At least from a distance. I wasn't able to get a good shot without including some detail I didn't want to share. You may be able to catch a glipse of it between the branches.

This is a picture of our turn around area of our driveway. Also future location of a shed we'd like to build. We are in the process of planting the side yard as you can see from the freshly tilled soil. We have many plans for this weekend. I'm not sure it will all happen, but we'll be a little closer to the finish line anyway. We also want to finish putting up wood trim and roof on our kids' swing set.

The swing set rennovation has been a long drawn out process, we're going on year 3 now. Had I not had so many other things to deal with I may not have procrastinated for so long. I'll have to finish staining it this fall after the wood has been weathered. It will be finished though, I guarantee it!

We don't have an upstairs, so this is about the best view available of our front yard. I took this picture from our front steps. If you look across the yard you can see my newly planted shade garden by my green wishing well, just on the other side of my drain field. I had to buy small, young plants for affordability purposes, so it may be a while before my perrineals really start to shine. I've learned to be quite patient though lately so a little delayed gratification will have to suit me!

Most of our flowers stay hidden from view. They are shy and don't show up in the long view. That's okay though since if they were easy to see the critters would invite themselves for much more munching.

This is the untamed wilderness of the back yard. I have been busily transplanting native wildflowers from the yard to the new memorial garden included in this picture. I am still not finished with that job yet either. I don't want the poor things to get mowed over this weekend by Cheesehead, so transplanting shifted my focus away from the task of rock collecting. Hopefully I can get the kids to help me collect more rocks this weekend so I can free myself up to do other jobs instead.

Our poor grills and patio table set are anxiously awaiting a nice home to nestle into. Currently they are situated in positions that leave them least likely to tip over when put into use. It works for now, but boy do I wish I had some money to build a patio or deck! We need a shed first though I suppose....

I also took a new picture of our future garden location. I want to plant some blueberry bushes along the tree line too. Possibly raspberry and blackberry too. I am going to clear out the center area and start preparing this area for a vegetable garden next year. If I wanted to do a vegetable garden this year, I could probably use our side yard. The soil looks really nice and rich there, unfortunately I think it is way to shady there to have a successful garden.

So much work, so little time (and money!)

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