Do NOT Copy

Do NOT Copy

Change of plans!

Well, I had planned on doing some cleanup with the kids, but I got a bit distracted from the plan.

My husband works at a big box type store and he had to work today. What a big surprise....

We wanted to have Mother's Day lunch with him, so we stopped by the grocery store after church and picked up a bucket of chicken meal. We ate together and he mentioned that their plants went on sale for Mother's Day. When we were finished eating I just had to go see what they were selling. As usual, I found some plants I wanted. I filled up the van with flowers and there was no room for any garbage we needed to haul off. I guess it will have to be done another day.

Isn't this a wonderful container. It was clearanced out and I was really looking at them on our plant excursion the other day. Cheesehead insisted we buy it, so of course I had to buy some plants to put in there.

Here is my planter that Anna told us how to make. I probably put the wrong kinds of plants in it, but I wanted to get it filled with flowers. I was too anxious to wait to figure out the right plants to put in there. The kids helped me choose the plants to buy. They were so excited, you should have heard them.

The 6 packs were $1.48 each, so I really stocked up. I put 3 different varieties in these baskets. The left overs were used elsewhere in our yard. I took down our decorative bird houses and replaced them with these newly planted hanging baskets.

I just loved these tulips, aren't they lovely? They were only 75 cents per pot, so I grabbed quite a few. I had some empty space in the garden to fill up until the other plants fill out more, so I figured there was plenty of room for the bulbs.

Peanut and I planted a bunch of seeds in this basket the other day, but I knew Cheesehead would be impatient to fill it up. I bought the same variety in a 6 pack and put four of them into the basket to appease his anxious nature. When I mentioned it to him before all he could say was that I should have started them in January inside. I guess he doesn't seem to remember that we just brought my greenhouse back last weekend.

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