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Yard Work

It was a beautiful day to work out in the yard here today, so Peanut and I got much accomplished! (My son decided to collect pop tabs from all of the cans we've been collecting. He's trying to singlehandedly earn admission to the icecream party for his entire class. Some sort of contest I guess....)

There were so many projects to do, it was hard to know what to do first!

Look at all of those trees growing up around the house. The whole house was surrounded. I would have transplanted some of them if I had more energy, but we decided to pull them or cut them down instead.

It looks so much better now. I think I want to plant some azaleas or rhododendrons in this area! I also plan to lay edging and mulch this side of the house, but I don't want to do it all today.

This is the back of the house. We have big plans for this area. Someday we'd like to build a patio back here. The patio would be surrounded by raised flower beds and made of pavers. Won't it be dreamy?

Under the kids' swingset was quite over grown. Before adding sand, Peanut and I raked the leaves and pine needles out. After raking, we weeded the whole thing. We don't want it to be all full of grass like the last one was.

Then it was time for the sand. I managed to put 2 bags of sand in before it felt like my arms were going to fall off. I think I'll have Cheesehead help me with the rest! It's starting to look better already.

We put the edging in on the other side of the house last year. We even had the landscaping fabric down already. I don't know why I didn't get this done last year! It didn't take too long. I emptied about 8 bags of mulch over here.

Once I rearranged the fabric and laid the mulch, we decided to put some seeds down in this area. I don't think Cheesehead will want to plant anything over here since the meters are over here and buried cables. Annuals should be okay to grow here though, shouldn't they?

Here are some of the seeds we sowed along this side of the house. We planted quite a wonderful variety of them. I got these seed packets for the 2008 growing year at our local Goodwill for 20 cents per packet. I got a total of 10 packets. Not all of them were put here, but we did sow most of them here. It's a big area to fill anyway. I told MIL if I had any extras when it comes time to thin them out that I'd bring some to her.

Last, but not least we had a bunch of these trees growing in the yard. Well, I think they're trees. It looked more like a bush before I pruned the lower branches off. Sorry, I forgot to take a before picture. I believe that this is some sort of birch tree.

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