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Consoling myself with plant shopping

I was feeling pretty down the other day, so I decided to calm myself with a trip to town. I had a bunch of errands to run anyway. What harm could a little bit of shopping do?

I needed a few more essentials that I ran out of. Since I just started my compost pile and my "lawn" reminds me of the beach, potting soil was a must on my to purchase list! I also got some grass seed to place in my deer track hole areas of the yard and I managed to find a few plants. I tried not to buy too many since I have some seeds to plant as well. Cheesehead will probably get tired of waiting them to grow though and *make* me go buy some already grown ones. I guess we'll wait and see how patient he's feeling!

I also had to get Cheesehead a new battery for his rider. The battery shouldn't be bad already. I suppose that's what happens when you get so distracted by life's events to take it out and protect it from freezing. I wonder why we don't have to do that to car batteries????

I decided to do a scientific experiment. I have the exact same plants in the same numbers of variety. I thought it would be fun to see how the expensive potting soil mix we bought last year would fare against my home mixed container mix. I can't wait to see the results!

My mixture? Potting soil, perilite, sphagnum moss, and cow manure compost.

I love the stripe effect on this petunia, isn't it interesting looking? I was planning to buy proven winners as Anna suggested, but I just had to buy this petunia instead. Peanut's favorite color and the neat design was just too much for me to pass up!

Each coconut lined hanging basket contains one wave petunia Misty Lilac Spreading Petunia, 2 Dusty Millers, and 2 Rose Splash Select Hypoestes. They may end up a little crowded at the end of the summer, but summers here are fairly short-lived anyway so I thought I'd give them a try!

Look, I found a mix with some neat orange coleus too! YAY! I'm sure it probably isn't sonata or anything, but close enough to please me. The tag says it's a Wizard mix. The best part was the price. This lovely 4 pack was only $1.55! A far cry from $8 for ONE plant. The other one was bigger, but I can be patient (I think I've proven that already!).

I am hanging this basket by my shade garden. I also added a few impatien seeds to the middle. I've never grown my own impatiens from seed before, but I hope I'll do just fine.

Oh, and all 4 of these packs of flowers only cost me a dollar and some change! I finally got around to using my newcomer certificate (worth $5) at an out of the way nursery. I'm sure I'll be frequenting that one more often than the ones I went to Tuesday with Cheesehead.

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