Do NOT Copy

Do NOT Copy

I think Mom is mad at me!

MIL called me earlier. She knows people who have been foreclosed on and they told her that if we want any of our stuff, we need to have it out prior to the sheriff's sale. Mom had plans to stay in the house as long as possible, even after the sheriff's sale. I don't have a problem with that at all, I even told her that. Then I proceeded to tell her that MIL needs a dryer and refrigerator so I am giving her mine before the sale takes place. I explained why to her, but somehow I think she missed the point.

It seems that Mom got defensive and snapped that she's a renter and should have the rights to use our appliances. Well, if I were just taking them for no reason I'd agree but I'd rather help MIL than leave things that she needs for the bank. Is my reasoning faulty? It seems that she feels we are favoring MIL over her which isn't the case at all. I'd just rather help someone I love than some obscure bank who has dragged it's feet in getting my home sold!

Now not only are we getting foreclosed on, but I won't be able to sleep tonight knowing that Mom is mad at me. No matter what I do I just can't seem to win.

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