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Do NOT Copy

GBBD. Now with real flowers!

Yay! While I don't have many flowers that I didn't buy in the store this year, I do have a few of them that have slowly clawed their way out of our ground and turned their lovely faces to the sun. They have opened in the last week or so, just in time for me to show off proudly in my collection.

I featured my dandelion the other day. I tried to take a picture of my small purple weed, but it is too small for my inexpensive camera to capture a good picture of. I noticed a ton of them blooming today. Only one that I saw yesterday!

I also found that about half of my candy striped phlox were blooming when I got home today. Only one of them was open this morning when I left!

These are some self sown seeds from a penny marina pansy that I grew last year. I have moved a few of them to new locations so I didn't have to buy so many flowers for my hanging baskets. I wish I had done justice to the cute whiskers and delicate shades of purple in this picture!

TBO picked out this lovely red tulip for our Mother's Day purchases. The yellows are already fading, the pinks and purples are about to bloom. I realize this one isn't fully opened, but I like the cup effect seen in this picture.

Among our Mother's Day puchases were these lovely hyacinth plants. It hasn't burst into full bloom yet, but it's still enchanting!

I found this Martha Washington Geranium on the shopping trip we took on Tuesday this week. Cheesehead and I had a lovely time browsing the plant selections at several stores around town again. We only picked up two plants. We wanted to be sure of what plants we needed before overstocking our yard. I just couldn't bare to leave this little darling behind!

Of course you know that I have several other flowers as well, but I've already shown those rather recently so I'll wait until they grow a bit more before I show them again.

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