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Painted Butterfly Stepping Stones

Hello everyone. I did this project some time ago, but I couldn't put them out in the garden right away because the paint needed 72 hours of rain free weather to be fully cured. We had rain in the forecast, so I left them on the counter. Cheesehead got tired of me leaving them laying around so they got stashed away and forgotten about.

They are really neat looking stones even without the extra paint. I had bought them from my Home and Garden Party selling days, so I bought several of them, it was a deal I just couldn't pass up. I wish I had bought a few more! I was feeling tired of having no color in the garden though so I thought I'd personalize these beauties.

As you can probably see, they have been outside for quite some time. I have used them for several years in my garden as is. The first thing I needed to do before I painted these stones, was wash them. I used an old toothbrush to get the dirt out of all of the hidden away nooks and crannies.

In the sink you can see one that has been scrubbed which is laying down and one that has been rinsed, but not scrubbed. They were all full of pine needles and mulch too.

I used patio paint that was specially formulated to go outside without any special shelac or anything needed, well for two of them anyway. This is what they looked like after all three of them were painted. I debated if I should paint them all the same, but I decided that would be BO-RING! Now that I think about it, I should have added more color to a couple of them. The yellow, green, and black paint isn't the special formula, so I'll have to seal it. I forgot about that until now. Oops!

It just occured to me that they were still hidden away in the closet so I brought them out today. Now they are comfortably nestled down into the garden into their original locations. I may look for a different home for them though, I'm not so sure.

Walk on over to my yard from the sidewalk. I thought that giving the children a visual path that they could use to walk through the garden would keep them from stepping on some of my plants. I guess it's more wishful thinking than anything, but one can sure hope!

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