Do NOT Copy

Do NOT Copy

Happy Birthday, Cheesehead!

Today is Cheesehead's birthday. He was going to do some work in the yard today, but we decided to save the work for tomorrow.

MIL and BIL came over today bearing cake. It was a sad day, Cheesehead's first birthday without FIL. We tried to keep him as distracted and busy as possible. I think we completely wore him out. We managed to pack an awful lot of action into one day! Too bad we forgot about his friend from work's cookout tonight. Ooops. Sorry guys, maybe next time???

There was a few chores that needed to be done when BIL was here since Cheesehead still hasn't learned how to change the oil in our lawn equipment. After that was done, BIL took us out for lunch in Tomahawk. It was really good. Thanks, BIL.

We also took a quick run through the car wash while we were in town. We used to spend lots of time washing cars at home, but now that we have a gravel driveway it's hard to get it nice and clean. He did manage to wax it at home though. Doesn't he look cheerful? Okay, maybe not....

After lunch, we dug into some cake and ice cream. I felt bad not making him a cake, but since MIL brought this one and a lady from work made him one I gave him a raincheck on a cake from me.

Once MIL and BIL headed back home, it was off for the family fun day we didn't get to do yesterday. First up, a rollicking game of mini golf. It sure was a close scoring game! One point away from being a 3 way tie. Peanut needs a little bit more practice though I suppose.

I got tired of being the score keeper, so I appointed a new one! Doesn't he look like he's doing a great job?

Peanut wanted a pony ride when we were done. She rode a pony named Ray. He sure was hungry, he stopped for several snacks during the ride. He sure enjoyed the grass and dandelions which were abundant along the trail.

During one of our several stops along the trail, this cute little chipmunk posed for a picture for us. Wasn't that sweet?

TBO loves to drive the go carts. He likes to pretend he's a race car driver. If he doesn't end up playing professional football or baseball, then he wants to be a nascar driver. Cheesehead had a headache and wanted to sit this round out, so he was kind enough to take some pictures. It was so much fun.

We went for a drive by Culver's to see what the flavor of the day was. When the kids saw it was M & M Swirl, they asked if we could stop. It wasn't hard to persuade Cheesehead into a rich, sweet custard treat.

Our fun day just happened to be in the town that boasts to be home of the world's largest penny. Even though we've seen it before, they wanted to see it. I suppose they thought the penny was real or something.

Lastly, we thought we would plant some annuals that would help us to discourage some deer grazing in our yard. We bought these last night when we weren't able to do these plans. We did some plant shopping instead. We didn't know that mini golf was only open on Friday nights.
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