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Got Rocks?

I think this area has come a very long way. Do you remember what it looked like just over a month ago? I was telling everyone about these lovely sunny parts of the yard that melted it's snow before the rest of the yard did.

I am still working on it, of course but I am proud of all of our hard work. It has come a very long way. Since we had so little money the kids and I decided to make Cheesehead a memorial garden in honor of his dad for a birthday present. It was finished a day late, but we really needed to distract him yesterday. Boy, I think I'm going to sleep like a log again tonight.

I told you about some of the plants we brought back from our other house. I showed you the lovely pansies that the deer devoured which had been transported in shoe boxes. What do you think of this container for transport? Yes, you guessed correctly, it's a fire pit! Even better I had bought this firepit for $1 at a garage sale a couple of years ago. The other two peonies were transported in my concrete basket. I can't wait for them to bloom!

Here are the three freshly planted peonies as well as the snow in summer and the charming purple phlox, all settled in to their new home. They were planted quite some time ago if you notice the date. I also planted some practically free after mail in rebate bare root roses. Maybe not the best choice for me to spend my scant amount of money on, but roses are so pretty I just couldn't help it.

I can't believe how much the peonies have grown. The phlox has since come into full bloom too. I'm finding that I have to baby snow in summer a lot yet, but I'm hoping that I'll be able to rescue it from it's distress.

It took us what seemed like forever to get enough rocks from our yard to fill in the garden. This is almost finished, but still lacks about 1/2 the rocks it needed. If you look closely, you can see the dirt in the picture still. I didn't like having all of that exposed dirt. The rain splashed it all over the bird bath and statues. Now I just have a little bit of work to do and a name rock to add. I think I can handle that.

WHEW! After a week of rock picking from the yard, I have finally finished the new memorial garden. You would now believe all of the rocks we had in our yard! I filled four window wells, filled in part of a retaining wall, piled some rocks in the new shade garden, and put the rest of them in this garden.

The plants aren't very big yet, so it's hard to see them from this angle. Maybe in a month or so it will be easier to see them from this distance.

I planted hummingbird vines, violets, pansies, peonies, roses, phlox, snow in summer, stella d'oro daylilies, sedum, lavendar, salvia, and a few miscellaneous wild flowers that are still unidentified.

There is still not enough grass in the back yard, but I hope to remedy that situation soon. After we finish picking up the sticks I will be mowing the lawn, that will be our first step towards finishing the back yard. I am hoping to get the sticks picked up in the next day or two. When we get our tiller back from Cheesehead's friend who borrowed it, we will till the side yard again and then plant some grass seed over there.

Now, it's time to collapse into a qyuivering pile of jelly on the couch and veg out on the couch for a day or two....

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