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Do NOT Copy

My woodland shade garden is taking shape

I've been doing some work to get my shade garden in order. It's starting to look pretty darn good even if I do say so myself. The plants are starting to sprout up from the ground.

Today I laid down some landscaping fabric, poured some shedded mulch chips over it, raked some leaves and pine needles onto the side where I didn't plant anything to add a bit of extra texture, brought in some logs, a bench, and a couple of planters. I may bring in some stepping stones to bring us from the edge of the garden to the bench area, but we don't have them made yet.

I surrounded it with logs to keep the mulch in place. In front of a small portion of the area I also placed some rocks that I've found laying around the yard. I tried leaving space for the taller moss variety to poke around the holes between the rocks. We'll see if the plan works or not.

This is a wide shot of the whole area. You can see that I have decided to transplant the arborvitae out of the deer's path. I hope that it's able to overcome all of the obstacles. Cheesehead wanted to throw it away, but I want to nurse it back to health. He thinks I'm crazy, I guess time will tell....

I have 5 pips of Lily of the Valley popping up out of the ground.

I'm not sure if these will survive the deer, but I planted some lotus here too. I forget which variety I planted, we'll see when they get a bit bigger.

I also planted some sedum and phlox in a sunnier part of the area. I may end up having to move them, right now it seems sunny enough. The leaves haven't come in on the surrounding trees yet though so we'll see if they get enough sun here. The phlox is growing well, but the sedum hasn't started yet.

I found a bunch of logs in the woods to surround it with. This is a shot of one of my favorites. I like the moss growing right on it. I sure hope that I'm able to keep it as it is!

I plan on planting some double impatiens in a hanging basket to hang on that heart shaped hook. I am also looking into planting something in the green wishing well. Maybe some nice vining ivy or something?

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