Do NOT Copy

Do NOT Copy

We need a hair cut!

What a busy weekend! We were in MN for about 3 hours. I felt bad that I wasn't able to take much time to care for the garden I left behind. It looked like all of my bushes needed a "hair cut". Poor things. I didn't take pictures of everything though as there wasn't much lush foliage on them so you would have been looking at a bunch of sticks with buds popping out on the limbs. This is what I went back to.

Mom works full time and drives so far for work. She doesn't have the time I did to care for the gardens. I don't know that she has the knowledge I have either. Not to sound smug, but she didn't seem to know quite a few of the care tips I told her for my plants. Without her help though, I wouldn't have been able to bring back some of my plants that we dug up. I know it may have seemed silly, but you know how the next owner comes out and chages things and tends to throw out some of the poor plants. I didn't want to take the chance that would happen. I love my babies, I want as many of them to continue to live as possible. If that means I look crazy, so be it!

No wonder no one is making me offers, they don't want to take on all of that work!

Once the kids are out of school I think I'll be making a run over to give my gardens the attention they deserve. I'm not sure WHAT we were thinking when we planted these in such a small space! I may try to move these next time. I know I could be killing these plants, but how can I just let them suffer in this spot? They were begging me to help them move. Can you hear their little voices calling out for help?

My three pass down peonies in my back mulch garden were growing beautifully. We had plans of getting rid of this garden when we lived there and now it's overgrown, I'm sure the next owner won't hesitate to get rid of it. I wanted them here in my new garden, so Mom dug them up for me.

In the foreground of this picture is what used to be my rose garden. I've been debating bringing my arbor here, but Cheesehead doesn't sound too fond of that idea. I may do it next time I go anyway though. I can be a bit stubborn that way. In the background you can see another part of the mulch garden. It is huge! I like the screening it provides and the neighborhood kids seem to like to play in it. I'm planning on taking more of my flowers out as well as a few lilac bushes. Maybe if I edit it a little bit it will be easier for Mom to take care of....

These arborvitae in the middle of the mulch garden were more passed down plants. They look a bit windburnt. Poor things! I'd think about bringing them here, but the deer would probably think I just opened an all you can eat buffet for them!

This was one of Cheesehead's little darlings. He dug it up and brought it back with us too. If it survives he has plans to go and dig up the other little ones as well. You're probably wondering why in the world we would need more trees when we already live in the woods. I'd have to say that's an excellent question! Umm, how about we're tring to bring in some diversity to live with all of the white pines?!?

I spent the day yesterday planting the transplants into my new yard. Whew, was that a lot of work! I'd post those but I think I'll save it for when the plants are growing more and I've had a chance to lay down edging, landscaping fabric, and mulch. Looks like I've got a lot more work ahead of me. Today's job is to clean out the garage though, so I suppose I'll have to save more garden work for Tuesday or Wednesday.

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