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A walk through the woods

I saw that we were finally starting to have flowers bloom this weekend, so I decided to take a walk through the woods to see what else I could find. Well, it's a dandelion so some of you may not agree with the terminology....

This little bee seems to enjoy the yellow flowering plant. Must not be all in a name to these little guys!

I'm not exactly sure what these are, but I found a bunch of them growing all over the woods. I love the contrast between the green leaves and red berries. It reminds me of something that I put out at Christmas time!

I only found one fern frond emerging. Before long the woods will be smothered in these ferns though. The floor of the woods will be covered in luscious green growth.

I also discovered what appeared to me to be some sort of den. I decided to split before the owner returned!

I just couldn't pass by this lovely stump without snapping a picture of this beauty! Wouldn't it look fabuous all planted up with sprawling ivy and flowers? Maybe a bit of moss growing up the sides. Ah, too bad it's so far away from the house!

Alas, there are no other flowers in bloom yet. Many varieties of moss were found too, but they didn't turn out well in the pictures so I won't post them.

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