Do NOT Copy

Do NOT Copy

First day of summer vacation

What a busy day! Peanut and I made jello, pudding, and rice krispie bars today since Cheesehead's birthday cake supply is almost gone already. Don't even ask me how, there were two full cakes! We needed to make some snacks for him to bring to work in his lunch pail.

Here she is studiously stirring the marshmellow/ butter mixture and the rice krispies together. She sure did a good job!

We also worked on putting in a new garden area. We planted some ground cover, bushes, and perrineals. Over the next few days we'll add edging and mulch. Probably a few more plants too, it still looks rather empty.

Then it was time for sports. The kids are getting pretty good at playing baseball. It's so heart warming when they get along and play together so well. I should have taken a picture to preserve the peaceful moment, they weren't even fighting!

TBO found a toad while he was chasing one of the many balls that they hit. That was the end of their baseball game! After that all she wanted to do was play with froggy. Or was the frogger? Hopper? I don't remember, she called it so many different names! We even took him on our family walk when Cheesehead got home from work.

When we finally convinced Peanut to put the toad down so we could head inside, these tree frogs caught her eye. There are two of them in there, you can see the brown one looking out at you and the business end of the green one. I know it's not a very good picture, but I needed to get a picture of them in their home...

Yup, it's a birdhouse. Huh? Have you ever seen tree frogs make a home in a birdhouse before? Me neither!

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