Do NOT Copy

Do NOT Copy

I Fought the Lawn and the Lawn Won

What an ordeal! I thought I had picked up enough rocks and sticks that I could venture to the back yard to mow it. Boy, was I wrong!!!

Luckily I was wearing capris (which on me are almost regular length jeans!) instead of the usual shorts, so my legs didn't get scratched up like they could have. I know I will end up with bruises though. Ouch! I didn't even see that much stuff laying on the ground!

From a distance the yard looked fairly decent before it was even mowed. It sure looked a lot more green.

But this is what it looked like after I mowed it. I know, now you can really tell that our back yard has no grass!

I had to mow though. Look at how crowded my poor peony I bought and planted last year was getting. I couldn't let all of those bushes/trees over take the poor thing! Cheesehead had written this plant off last year already. I sure am glad I was stubborn and wouldn't let him dig it up. Sometimes it pays to be hard headed I guess!

I had to take care of the endless amounts of shrubs and trees all over the yard area before they got so big that they weren't managable. The kids need a nice open area to play in, I can't let all of our 2+ acres be covered in trees.

Besides getting pelted by endless amounts of unseen debris, there were several pit falls I was aware of prior to the lawn mowing ordeal began. After all, I created them!

I can't even count how many places these rock holes were hiding.

There were also several places where we removed huge sticks as well.

I couldn't have very well left the sticks and stones there. I mowed my yard once last summer and all of these obstacles caught the blade and killed the lawn mower several times. It sputtered a few times this year, but at least there wasn't anything so big left in the yard to cause harm to the lawn mower. Just my poor unsuspecting legs. I guess I'll have to get out the rake and see if I can uncover more of the buried treasures that lurk in the grass. Next time I mow the grass I hope I am not left hobbling around on battered legs.

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