Do NOT Copy

Do NOT Copy

No Sale

I've had several people ask what happened with the showing the other day. I just thought I'd update in an obvious place.

The buyers put in an offer on a new construction house instead of ours. New construction and forclosures have been our main competition since our house was put on the market almost two years ago. I just can't believe it still hasn't sold!

It figures that would happen. I guess I just must not be meant to sell that house! If it's not sold in the next couple of days I'm going to give MIL some appliances, she needs some anyway. Obviously they're not a major selling feature, so I want to help her out instead. I'll wait until I know there is no chance of selling the house before I give her all of my appliances though. I'm *trying* to hold out hope that it will sell, but I guess I'm feeling that it's pointless right now. I shouldn't let my faith flicker like this, but a candle can't burn if there is no oxygen left to fuel it.

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