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Home Sweet Home

Vacation was fun, but it's good to be home! I must say I don't miss that traffic at all. My friends? YES!

I guess you can't have everything though. Over there even the peaceful country like settings are rushed and traffic filled. I wouldn't trade my home for anything!

I had several blooms waiting to greet me when we got home. The peonies were luxiriantly sweet smelling. I breifly contemplated making a lovely floral arrangement with them, some delphiniums, and wild daisies. Then I remembered the cats. They'd maul those flowers almost immediately so I decided I'd leave them outside for the birds and butterflies to enjoy as well. The ants did work very hard on these lovely blooms anyway.

I did take a close up of the peony, but I liked this shot too. I had 4 lovley blooms that are in all of their glory when we returned. The ants worked on these when they were done with the others. They did bloom before I left as did the knockout. I even took pictures. But since I was so busy and MIL doesn't have internet I didn't get around to posting those pics. Sorry.

My garden was overflowing with blooms upon my return. I have two of these plants. One is more purplish and the other has a bluish hew to it. I had the reign in the larger one with some wire fencing that I had put up front earlier this spring. They were sprawled out all over the sidewalk and I knew the kids would trample all over them without a second thought. This one is smaller than the other.

The spirea was blooming too. Not like my bridal white was in MN, but pretty enough. It's still pretty small yet, but in a couple of years I'm sure it will be just as lovely.

I have blue and white delphiniums. They are absolutely HUGE. No creeping here, they leaped right away even though I just planted all of these last summer. They're monsterous, but in a beautiful way. I'll take pics of the enire plant soon. I think the white one is taller than me! (okay, not that that feat takes much, but still....)

My mini rose that I planted last summer also had a bloom for me, with several more buds that will be opening any day now. Why was I so worried? Isn't it beautiful all dainty pink and small?

There are also 4 kinds of wildflowers blooming as well as a deep purple clematis, salvia, lavendar, spiderwort, astibile, and several other perrineals. I love my serenely beautiful blossom filled garden!

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