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Munsinger Gardens in St. Cloud, MN

I just love visiting these gardens. These first few pictures are of the Virginia Clemmons (Er, did I spell that right?) gardens just up the hill from munsinger. These gardens were built across the street from their house because she was no longer able to have her own garden. I always thought that was so sweet. They were built more recently than the Munsinger Gardens were. We lived in the general area (give or take 30 miles) when the rose gardens were built, although it's hard for me to recall an exact date. When we lived in MN we tried to visit at least once a year. Such a lovely serene place. I wonder why I didn't walk over here and visit them more often when I was going to college right across the river....

I visited here on my last trip to MN, you know... before the sheriff's sale. I've been so busy I forgot to share them with you.

Usually this time of year the roses would be in full bloom, but they weren't. That's okay, I was still happy to be able to get here. This is what you see on one end of the gardens.

After meandering around, you climb a hill. I love the view from the top of the hill. Since the spring had been so cold, there were countless gardeners getting plants in the dirt. I felt like kneeling down and helping them out, but Mom had to work later so I wasn't able to.

Once we were done admiring the plants in the sunny upper gardens, we headed down to the river. There is a good shade coverage down here. So many plants I'd love to have. It seemed they had so many plant varieties that I didn't know. I could name many more than mom did though, so I sure felt smart. Not that she's not, but it feels good to know something your mom doesn't. Does that make me weird?

The path is well used down by the river. The sound of gravel crunching under foot is lovely. Countless benches and swings lne the path too. You can see people running and/or walking on the path on any given day. There was one swing nestled in between the lilac bushes that I could have spent all day enjoying. I adore the sweet smell of lilacs!

There are lots of fountains and plenty of places to walk around and enjoy the beautiful flowers both above and below. The gentle sound of trickling water can be heard in many places throughout the gardens as well. Fountains abound all over, except down by the river where you can enjoy the sounds of the river. One of my favorite sounds besides the water is the ducks. Look at this mom in charge of all of the kids. How typical! Do you know where I saw the dad? Taking a nap farther up the river. Just like a man to leave the woman in charge of all the kids and go off to "work"! At least the human males actually work when they say they're going to.

Of course I had over 100 pictures from here too, but then you'd be here drooling all over my blog instead of enjoying your own gardens. I couldn't do that to you now, could I?

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