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MOA and the Twins vs Brewers game

Oh what a day! There was not a complaint all morning and afternoon. Cheesehead decided not to ride the rides with us, so I sat out a few to keep him company. We went on a couple of rides the kids decided they wouldn't ride again. You know, the ones that go upside down. Peanut is just barely tall enough to ride them all now.

After a morning chalk full of riding, we went to Underwater World. There was much to see and do there. We wandered through the woods looking at animals which can be found in this part of the world. Anything that doesn't live in the water was stuffed, but that's okay. We're going to the zoo anyway! There were so many sharks!

I couldn't imagine a shark that they didn't have displayed here. They swam overhead as you wandered through the long underground tunnel. There were more than sharks of course, but they like to tell everyone how they're the largest shark display. I must say, they do have reason to talk about it!

There were other artifacts throughout the end as well which the kids found very interesting. There was even a Finding Nemo display there. Peanut was upset that I wouldn't buy her a stuffed animal there. I found a perfect t-shirt for her too, but she refused it. It said I'm a little crabby and had a cartoon crab on it. Ah well!
She seemed to come around a bit after we got to touch the stingrays and sharks. Well, I guess we just petted the rays. They felt squishy and slimy. Then she decided that a souvenier coin would be good enough.

After a bunch of shopping, siteseeing, and eating, it was back for a few more rides. She ALMOST decided to sit one out with Cheesehead, but changed her mind at the very last minute. No regrets for her there, it turned out to be one of her favorite rides. They must have ridden it about 10 times.

There were also several spots of interest scattered thoughout the mall. This is a newer addition in memory of the 9/11 attacks. The home plate from metropolitan stadium is there in the amusement park too. We saw many fountains all over the mall as well as neat tile displays in the floor that I don't remember being there before. I suppose they had to replace those neat snoopy statues with something. SIGH. I miss the Snoopys! Then we said goodbye to MOA.

Peanut complained all night about the game. She wanted to go back to the hotel and go swimming. We reminded her several times about the rest of Cheesehead's day and reminded her how he never complained once even though her was bored stiff. It didn't help much. We had thought about leaving early to avoid all of the traffic, but it was an excellent game. Such a nail biter that we couldn't bear to leave without knowing the outcome. Our family was a bit split, but someone would be happy no matter who won. It turned out to be me. Go Twinkees! Woo Hoo! TBO wanted to go to the game the next day too. We told him to forget it. This "cheap" activity ended up costing us an arm and a leg!

It really wasn't so bad with all of the end of game traffic, except the fact that we forgot to take down precisely where we parked. We must have wandered around for at least 15 minutes looking for the appropriate parking spot. At least we didn't park very far away and we remembered where we picked up our tickets.

I don't think the traffic would have been so bad if they hadn't shut a freeway down for some work. What on earth were they thinking? It couldn't have waited two weeks? It was after 11 when we got back to the hotel.

The troops are still sleeping, but I'll have to wake them soon. Their cousins are coming as a surprise for my mom's birthday. I didn't know if their dad would agree anyway. I'm sure she'll be happy with her surprise. Oops, gotta go. Time's getting away from me!

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