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A Trip to the Laura Ingalls Wilder Museum in Walnut Grove, MN

Our trip today took us 325 miles. It was a lot of driving with two kids for one day. They were surprisingly good travellers though. Today was a very important trip for me. I haven't been to Dad's grave since we buried him just over two years ago. It was nice to see that my family has been remembered by others even though no close family members live close by.

There is still no grave stone there. I wish I had the money to put one in place. My sister had said she'd buy one a year ago, but her circumstances have changed as well. I am glad that I made this when I made my stepping stones. We used the rest of the left over vinyl cement patch to make this marker.

I had to wait for a couple of hours for the vinyl cement patch to stiffen a bit. If you try to write in it too soon the cement oozes back into place. It was hard to write nicely on it, especially in the deep bucket that I had to use as a mold. That's okay though, I'm sure something will come up soon so I can afford a proper head stone for him!

I got these flowers for 90% off. I sure was happy with the find! I had also made the wire family tree to place there. I wanted to leave a remembrance from all of his family members even if they haven't been able to visit either. It was very easy to make. I took the pictures I had and places clear contact paper on it. To make the pictures sturdier, I glued cardboard to the back of the picture and contact papered the back as well. I had planned on using fishing line as I thought it would hold up better than yarn, but I couldn't find it. I thought the yarn would be a nice touch anyway since my (step) grandma liked to knit and crochet.

On the way back from the cemetary, we stopped at the Laura Ingalls Wilder museum in Walnut Grove. There were lots of neat things there. In all I took 97 pictures today. Here are a few on the highlights.

I thought that this map was a neat way to show us the places she lived. I've also been to the Lake Pepin site, but I was quite young when that took place. I think it would be neat to be able to visit all of the sights, but I'm not so sure that will ever happen.

This china set is beautiful, isn't it? I just love the florals. Some of the items were behind glass or bars while others were open for use and examination. They had rules for teachers and student displayed in the one room school house. I was very interested in the biased rules that were posted, but I think that's a post for a different day!

This quilt was stitched by Laura and was given to her daughter Rose. There were many of her artifacts there as well as some to show similar items from the day. The children were interested in the pianos and organs they could play, the toys they could play with, they had books they could read, slates they could write on, and the clothes they could try on.

What a busy day. I'm ready to fall into bed. I sure hope that light outside our hotel window doesn't keep me awake all night tonight like it did last night.

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