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Two Years Ago and Dad's Eulogy

What a tumultuous time the last two years have been.

Two years ago today, my niece and nephew were getting ready to see their father after my dad's funeral. We had his ceremony at our church home of 20 years, and took a 5 hour drive the next day to laid him to rest right next to his beloved parents. I know he would have been very happy with our decision, although I regret burying him so far from where I live.

It was a very sad time for all of us. We tried to keep life as normal as possible, but it was difficult. We even got Peanut to her dance recital. She was thrilled that 2 of her cousins were able to attend.

We were also preparing for a move. Cheesehead only had a couple of days left to work at where he had been his entire time with his present company. He started at his new store on June 19.

Our old home was first listed for sale on the night of my dad's funeral. I had flowers covering every surface of the house, so I didn't allow my agent to take pictures initially. I didn't want people looking at the house on the internet to think they were attending a funeral.

As a testement to those trying times, I thought it may be fitting to share the Eulogy I wrote to share at my Dad's funeral.

My sister and I would like to thank you for taking the time to come today. We are so glad to have you with us to celebrate Dad's life. It always meant so much to him to have a lot of friends. He told me that it didn't matter if you don't have two pennies to rub together- as long as you have the Lord and good friends, that's all you really need.

He was born in Tyler, MN on February **, 1942 to ____ and ____ _____. They raised him on a farm in rural Balaton. Growing up he was always building things with his erector set. He really enjoyed working on machines. His family went to ___Lutheran Church where he was baptized, confirmed, and married. He graduated from Balaton High School in 1960. From there he went to _____College. While he was there his mother passed away.

He graduated with a BA degree in biology and science with a minor in math. He taught for 6 years in schools in both SD and MN. During that time he started going to the graduate program in _____. While there he met my mom at the class of 1960 reunion. From what they've both told me he stuck to her like a cockleburr until she'd agree see him again. They got married on November **, 1970. The two of them had 2 girls my sister ____ and me ____. We moved around a lot, travelled, and met lots of people. Every where we've ever lived he was very active in his church and community.

When ____ and I were young he and my mom both taught Sunday School. He later told me why. I feel that it's good advice to follow. He said that teaching Sunday School ensured that he wouldn't get lazy and try to skip church. He always told me how important it was to start the kids in the church when they're young so they get a good foundation. He told me once how proud he was of me when I decided to teach too. Good compliments were usually difficult to come by, so I really took it to heart. Dad was a very kind-hearted man, but his supposed compliments, jokes, and helpful advise didn't always come out the right way. He sure could make people laught though, without even trying to.

I had acquired a way to translate some of what he said into the way he meant it. That gave us a very special bond. I often acted as a translator for him.

He was a very passionalte man too. He loved the work he was doing with the Gideons. He went to breakfast with them every Saturday. He enjoyed travelling to all of the different churches and talking about the great work the Gideons have done as well as going and handing out bibles at schools.

We have been members of _______ since 1987. He has been in the church choir for 17 years as well as a member of the Board of Evangelism for many years. He has also been an active menber of the Men's Group were he enjoyed the many outings he's been on with them. He was on the church softball team when we had one. He didn't like to exercise much, so I was really sad to see that go.

He enjoyed many other activities as well, including bowling, fishing, hunting, and sports (especially watching them). He was also very active politically and always had very strong opinions which he and my sister liked to discuss.

He's always had very strong ties to his family, hometown, and church so we have decided that it's only appropriate to lay him to rest there.

You can view our photos from the services and pictures we displayed at the funeral at the space on my side bar labelled Dedicated to my Dad.

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