Do NOT Copy

Do NOT Copy

Opinions please! Chewings Fescue?

Cheesehead refuses to have a lawn full of ground cover. It's so nice of you all trying to help us reduce the amount of work for me. You're all so very sweet. We want grass for the kids to romp and play on. How could they have their water balloon fights if they couldn't step on the ground covers?

I've been doing research for a while since our grass is growing in so poorly. Our yard is pretty shady, sandy, and we need drought tolerate plantings since I can't spend all of my time watering. No irrigation systems for me, thank you very much! Um, that's a story for another time, but Anna already knows the whole story.

So, getting back to what I would like your opinions on... I have found most information pointing me towards Cheewings Fescue for our grass. It seems to meet our needs on the surface, but I would like your input. I found a place where I can get a 50 pound bag of if, but it's pretty expensive. I guess I want the experienced opinions of gardeners before I take the plunge. Has anyone had experience with it? What should I use to prep the yard? Do you think that it would be the best choice for us considering all of the options?

Thank you for stopping by. Please leave me a message and a backlink. I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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