Do NOT Copy

Do NOT Copy

The Very Hungry Catepillars

Holy cow! Would you look at this? I have never seen so many catepillars together in one spot in my life. I sure hope these little boogers are good for my garden, whatever they grow into I'm going to have a bazillion of them!

This tree must be especially sweet, each branch is crawling with these catepillars. I have tons of other trees exactly like this one in my yard without a trace of them on it. You can see a bunch in three different areas of this picture. Let me assure you there were loads of others too. Is this tree just the best hangout or something?

I thought about cropping it to give you a closer look at the bugs, but I wanted to show you all of the empty stems as well as the throngs of catepillars on the other leaves. Maybe I'm a bit unsuccessful at that attempt???

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